Aachi & Ssipak

I did Character lead, design(featured film animation)
About 70% of characters are done by me. I gave my best on this time, I learned a lot from a wide range of study of figurines including American classic toys, Japanese classic toys, African masks and more. I experiment the great number of combinations of cultures and variety of shapes to make characters. I think I had a breakthrough in how I think of approaching the character with this project. I also had to learn many kinds of adult toys...

cha_a1_100 copy
cha_a1_010 copy
cha_a1_021 copy
cha_a1_125 copy
cha_a1_031 copy
cha_a1_030 copy
cha_a1_050 copy
cha_a1_051 copy
cha_a1_052 copy
cha_a1_001 copy


cha_a2_031 copy
cha_a2_032 copy
cha_a2_084 copy
cha_a2_130 copy
cha_a0_004 copy
cha_a2_131 copy
cha_a2_081 copy

sub characters

cha_b2_001 copy
cha_b2_040 copy
cha_b2_021 copy
cha_b2_022 copy
cha_b5_001 copy
cha_b5_032 copy
cha_b5_033 copy
cha_b5_031 copy
cha_b4_002 copy
cha_b4_011 copy
cha_b4_010 copy
cha_a3_001 copy
cha_a3c3_001 copy
cha_a3c3_003 copy
cha_a3c3_002 copy
cha_a3_010 copy
cha_c3_002 copy
cha_b3_010 copy
cha_b3c1_01 copy
cha_b1_001 copy
cha_b1_102 copy
cha_b1_033 copy
cha_b1_003 copy
cha_b1_031 copy
cha_b1_032 copy
cha_c7_a_1 copy
cha_c7_a_2 copy
cha_c7_b_1 copy
cha_c7_c_1 copy
cha_c7_d_1 copy
cha_c7_e_1 copy
cha_c7_f_1 copy
cha_c7_g_1 copy
cha_c7_group06 copy
cha_c7_group07 copy
cha_c7_group08 copy
cha_c7_group09 copy
cha_c7_group10 copy
cha_c7_h_1 copy
cha_c7_list copy
cha_c7_list_B copy
cha_c5_b_01 copy
cha_c5_b_02 copy
cha_c5_c_01 copy
cha_c4_001 copy
cha_c4_020 copy
D-13-002 copy
D-13-001 copy
D-11-020 copy
D-10-001 copy
D-08-001 copy
cha_c6_001 copy
props_a1_001 copy
props_a2_003 copy
props_b5_004 copy
props_b5_020 copy
props_c4_006 copy
props_c4_009 copy
props_c4_010 copy

I felt like a poor rock star while I was working on this project. I burned white. I burned white....


Selected Works

KALAnimation | Motion | Illustration

FacebookProduct Designer | Messenger Kids' Growth team

AT&T ECSDesign

Peace Plan 3030illustration

GEArt Direction, UI/UX, Art production, Character design

Baboon 1 & 2Game art, illustration, design, UI/UX, art direction

Game ArtGame art, Concept Art, UI

Animation artbackground, characters, storyboard, illustration

Meriwetherillustration, concept design, character design


OOYMillustration, game art, art direction, character design

HelloPop Stickerillustration



Aachi and SsipakAnimation Concept design

AntiheroArt Direction, UI/UX, Art Production, Promotional art, Character design, Background design