Courageous Conversation

Mobile version of Courageous Conversation, where the meaningful and insightful conversation starts


Courageous Conversation is an award-winning protocol for effectively engaging, sustaining and deepening interracial dialogue.

Courageous conversation wanted to make iOS app that uses the interviews that show diverse aspects of the issue of race, Courageous Conversation wants the viewers to explore the problems and solutions. 

Product Designer from the wireframe to the final UX/UI


  • Collaborated with partners to discuss product enhancements and features
  • Determined changes in the project scope and made the necessary modifications to the given schedule
  • Followed brand guidelines to enable brand consistency across the mobile design while adding unique tone to the additional features

1. Early Pages
Courageous Conversation app started as a simple exploration of interview videos of different races. We expanded the idea to navigate the broader understanding of issues of race.


2. Main page explorations
Variations of main page design with priorities in mind, coming from the conversation with the team.


3. User experience
After watching interviews, the user can select the person and scenario to understand the others' perspective.


4. Dashboard
Dashboard and resources for the users to see their diversity training progress and easy access to the topics they want to explore.


5. Community page with the illustration
Interstitial for the community page. I made a simple illustration for the impactful but straightforward delivery.


6. Sample Contents
I made various sample contents to display the racial inequity issues in the media.

Image from iOS (1)

The demo was presented at the conference. 2019

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